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This time – I think – Mr. Regular and The Roman have outdone themselves. I know, I write from a German point of view and frankly, a car like the 1990 Buick Wagon is beyond any German father’s imagination, but for a guy who has always been into U.S.-culture, this one is as ‘Murican as it gets. Let me explain.


If Ron Swanson had a brother who would be a more family-oriented version of himself, that guy would be impersonated by a 1990 Buick Wagon in a Cars Pixar movie. But there is more to it, than wearing a mustache and flannel shirts. It’s representing a father figure so well, that its sheer existence makes you feel like a 10 year old child peeking into your dad’s basement-workshop while he fixes a toy for you. It smells like sawdust, motor oil and Old Spice. Adding to that note is last year’s Christmas mug with hot coffee that your mom brought for him. You look around and find drawings you and your siblings made when you were little. You see worn out pieces of furniture that were banned from the house, but are still good to use around the workshop. There is that drawer with the tool you once broke and put it back so nobody would notice.
Of course he noticed, but he loves you, you little rascal!

It’s the same feeling that this Buick gave to the children who grew up in it, messing up its upholstery with the Dairy Queen Shake they got for a good grade in school. These children probably had birthday parties to where they and their muddy-shoed buddies where shuttled, after which dad had to vacuum the car out for an hour or two, without even being mad.


Let’s celebrate that car as the hero it actually is – just like our fathers. We’ll happily look over all the bad old jokes, we already heard a thousand times. We know that the rising hanger on long road trips will come to an end when he buys dinner for all of us when we get there. That way, we can happily look over that the Buick is so unsporty like dad after he has to open the button of his jeans after dinner.


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